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Business Reminder Service

Keep your customers up-to-date with reminder alerts for all your promotions, events and appointments whether you are

  • A company selling a product or service
  • A hairdressers or dentist who create appointments
  • A band or school that hold events
  • Run a club
  • Fundraise for a charity

Our service allows your customers to select your important dates so they never forget you. They will receive your business alerts direct to their mobile phone.

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About Us

Must Remember That... is a Free reminder service for everything in your life!

You can choose whether you want the reminder alerts by email and text or both straight to your PC and Mobile phone.

Whether it's a utility bill that about to expire, an MOT, or your home TV package or a 0% credit card. You never need to go out of contract again, incur a fine or hidden charges; this will also give you the opportunity to shop around for better deals.

Here are just a few of the most common reminders people forget about because of their busy lives.

  • Vehicle MOT
  • Vehicle Tax
  • Credit & Store cards
  • Birthdays
  • Car Insurance
  • Driving license renewal
  • Smoke Detector battery
  • Anniversary / Wedding
  • TV Package
  • School activity
  • Night out
  • E111 Card
  • Passports

Or anything else in your life that you need to reminded about...